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Aleatory's Junction by Muse Writers

contributing writers: Barbara M. Hodges & Lea Schizas

ISBN: 1-55404-400-6
Genre: Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 354 Pages  
Print: 502 Pages
Published: October 2006
Double Dragon Publishing

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Aleatory, a little town resting not too far from Salem, waits for passerbys to mesmerize them with its hospitality.

Yet Aleatory holds a secret, one that will put all who traipse by at a junction...of uncertainty.

This secret is told in snippets by Jenna Josephine Aleatory throughout the book. Her tale explains the magic contained in the right fork at Aleatory's Junction.

You'll meet Margrit, a woman on a mission to rid the voice in her head...

Kevin who feels life has struck him down until he reaches that right fork...

Zach, who wishes his mother would treat him like a man...until a grave mishap occurs...

Nathan, the little boy with unusal foresight and knowledge...

Miss Peachtree, a teacher who has lost her way...

and many more stories, each with its own chilling conclusion.


The Blue Flame
Barbara Hodges

          Regan Cafferty thinks her sister is dead. But in truth, Kelsey has been in the alternate world of Daradawn. For seven years she has aided their queen against evil. Now the rift is open again. Yet before she will return home, she needs the help of Regan to put an end to Daradawn’s strife. To this end she sends the High Mage Peter Canterville to bring her sister to Daradawn, but will Regan believe the man’s wild tale.



The Dreamer's Way
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Books (June 27, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 193404105X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1934041055
    Flita is alone in a hostile world. Abandoned by her mother, betrayed by her stepmother and her best friend, and sentenced to death, she is now trapped in the poisonous air outside the safe boundaries of the Protectorate. If the air doesn’t kill her, the hideously deformed monsters that dwell Outside will. Her only hope is to find the Dreamer’s Way that will lead her to the Golden City and safety. But the monsters have already attacked and wrapped their deadly tendrils around her. Even if she knew the location of the Dreamer’s Way, she has no way to get there…or does she?


    The Emerald Dagger
    Barbara M. Hodges
     In book two of the Daradawn series Kelsey has returned home to San Francisco, leaving her heart in Daradawn with Rourk. Seven years have passed and she has moved on with her life…found a new love.  Kelsey returns to Daradawn to see Regan and to tell her of her upcoming marriage. Things have changed in the alternate world, and not all are for the better. Dirkk has conjured more dark creatures and this time they have destroyed one of the golden dragon, Zara’s, dragonets.  And Dirkk has found an ally, Daraodh, a demon that resides with the emerald dagger.


    InfiniteSpace,Infinite God FREE Promotional Flyer

    Infinite Space, Infinite God


    By Karina and Robert Fabian, Editors



    Come explore the worlds of “Infinite Space, Infinite God.” Meet genetically engineered chimeras and aliens who wonder what a human religion holds for them. Share the doubts, trials and triumphs of humans who find their journeys in time and space are also journeys in faith.


    Experience spine-tingling adventure. Marvel at technological miracles—and miracles that transcend technology—and meet the writers who made a leap of faith and dared to incorporate familiar religion with fantastic universes.



    Shadow Worlds
    Darrell Bain and Barbara M. Hodges


    The Silver Angel
    Barbara M. Hodges
      Half-elven Angel Silverthorne, must leave San Francisco behind or die.  But the girl knows nothing of the world of her father or his royal parents.  In Daradawn she will face those who wish only to use her as a pawn in their own dark plans.


    The Stargazer's Children
    contributing writer: Barbara M. Hodges

              Three stories from three authors. All with unique voices.  The Stargazer, an omnipotent being and creator of the worlds, is the only connecting factor in the stories.


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